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E-mails Chronicling Some Activity of the Israeli Peace Movement

Protesting the closure of Orient House in Jerusalem, Feb 2003. Photo: Mely Lerman

Demonstrating against the "Security Wall" 16 June 2004. Photo: Dalit Baum

Through the years, I have written e-mails to report on some of the peace activity in which I have been involved (and others that I just heard about).  My email list has now grown to include many people I don't know personally - though their emails to me have been a wonderful source of encouragement.
Reprinted here are the (public) emails I have written over the years.  Let me know if you would like to subscribe to my mailing list.  I don't write very often.

Holding down a woman demonstrator, June 2004, a-Ram

2006 Gila Svirsky, Dispatches from the Peace Front available on  Please cite this full reference if you quote passages from the book.