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Women in Black

“Women Resist Occupation and War”

International Conference, Jerusalem, 2005



The International Conference of Women in Black was held in Jerusalem on August 12-16, 2005.  The experience was a powerful one, and exceeded the expectations of the organizers – more women came, more women participated from a distance, and the impact was profound and, we expect, long lasting.


Although I was an active member of the Organizing Committee, the report on this website was written exclusively by me, and expresses my own views.  I have written it for posterity – to help the organizers of future conferences, and to reflect upon an event that was profoundly significant in my life.


This conference marked a milestone in the history of women’s peace organizing.  I am proud to have been associated with it.



Conference Poster. Design: Zhenia Schorr with Tamar Lehan

International Women in Black Conference, Jerusalem, August 2005.
As elsewhere on this website, opinions expressed about this conference are solely my own.  Gila Svirsky